Living at the Center

IMG_6961I like who I am, and want others to like me for who I am, doesn’t everyone?  The person that I devoted myself to for 30 years lives at the center of their own life, but can’t understand if anyone else desires to be at the center of their own.  Quite the opposite.  I am tired of doing only what others want to do, can’t we do both? trade back and forth? I thought it would change and it did not, so I changed.

Now that I have had my singular life for a year, the choosing is still difficult.  Sometimes I just want the company.  But it is hard.  Hard to have people announce their plans like a high profile itinerary only to text four hours later and invite you to join them for dinner.  Did they get bored?  Did they just remember that you are actually interesting?  What were they thinking when they left? I don’t wish to be an afterthought, I wish to be thought of.

I am the major character in my life story and my life is going well.  I welcome people and experiences and get myself “out there” as much as is comfortable for me.   But tonight?  Movie, salad, and tuna with the cat.  Thanks




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